This photo gallery has photos from the slide presentation we ran in our exhibit at the International Builder's Show.

It gives you graphic evidence of how well KleenWrap survives many months of activity on a job site. The mud, dirt, drywall compound, spray foam insulation, adhesives and other contaminants that become embedded in subfloors and are expensive and impossible to clean effectively, are kept off the subfloors when KleenWrap is installed.

The photos run in repeating 3 or 4 photo sequences showing: 1) Typical unprotected subfloors; 2) Installed KleenWrap, both recently installed and some that has been "on the job" for up to five months and 3) OSB subfloors after the KleenWrap had been removed, looking very "kleen".

Because drywall compound dust is even smaller than some of the micro-perforations in the breathable KleenWrap, a bit of loose dust is on the OSB. After careful removal of the dirty KleenWrap virtually all of that small amount of remaining dust can be easily vacuumed up.

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