The KleenWrap Tape we recommend to seal down the overlapped edges is a very good quality hand tear, high tack, rubber adhesive tape. It can be used very effectively on the outside edges on concrete applications if the concrete is clean and dry. This tape has not been tested on finish flooring, so do not use it on them. Whatever means you have used in the past to hold down red rosin paper or other surface protection can be used to hold the KleenWrap down on finish flooring.

Each roll of tape is 2" wide and 36 yards long. You will need 3 rolls of tape per roll of KleenWrap, or 4 rolls of tape for installation on concrete. Keep in mind that if you are ordering KleenWrap to protect finish flooring you will still need 3 rolls of tape per 1,250 square foot roll for the overlapped edges when installing it in entire rooms.

Installation Instructions are provided here for both the Breathable and the Non-Perforated. (provided in Adobe pdf format)

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