• KleenWrap can be made available in varying widths. For most applications it will be delivered to your job site in a 5' x 250' roll.
  • Once the foundation is capped, the material is cut to length and the ends and the edge of the material is stapled to the band board or to the deck.
  • Subsequent strips are cut to length, overlapped, aligned and the overlapped edge sealed using KleenWrap Tape. Installation Instructions are provided here for both the Breathable and the Non-Perforated. (provided in Adobe pdf format)
  • Exterior and interior walls can be built right on top of the material. When construction is complete and ready for painting or finish flooring, a utility knife is run along all walls and the KleenWrap can be easily pulled up leaving the OSB or plywood cleaner than has ever been possible before.
  • A quick vacuum and you have clean and virtually brand new subfloors ready for finish flooring.
  • KleenWrap can be used to cover stairs, concrete floors in garages, and any concrete slab to protect them from the same construction site contamination that wood surfaces are subject to. Because the material breathes, concrete can continue to cure and moisture will not be trapped underneath it.


KleenWrap Commercial

KleenWrap Commercial
KleenWrap Commercial: Finished floor protection that is Breathable but has very high water resistance and amazing tear strength. Protect those expensive finished floors while work continues. Perfect during build outs, Tenant Improvements and Historic Preservation. Get projects complete and in use without costly and avoidable delays. 5' and 10' wide rolls.

Click here for a side by side comparison of KleenWrap Commercial and Tyvek CommercialWrap to see how water resistant and strong KleenWrap Commercial is.

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