KleenWrap disposable floor protection products can either be laminated or single layer. The product available today is two layers of a non-woven mesh laminated with a layer of polyethylene film in the middle. Having the mesh on the top and bottom gives the best tear and skid resistance. KleenWrap Micro-Perforated is breathable so moisture can pass through it and not get trapped under it.

KleenWrap is also available in an otherwise identical Non-Perforated version. This product is ideally suited for remodeling projects and other dry environments when breathability is not important and maximum floor protection is. Whether protecting cured concrete, finished or unfinished hardwood floors, stone, tile and DUROCK, or other finish flooring. KleenWrap Non-Perforated has the same tear and skid resistance, but will not let anything pass through it.

KleenWrap will significantly improve indoor air quality. Virtually all the residual dust and dirt is on and embedded in the subfloors and in the HVAC ductwork. This is no longer the case when KleenWrap has been on the job! When installed on OSB or plywood subfloors, a large three sided flap can be cut in the material, pulled back for easy HVAC ductwork installation and then taped down covering the floor vents to keep dust and debris out, saving money on cleanup.

KleenWrap will give flooring contractors a clean subfloor for the best and quickest possible installation. No expensive site prep is necessary and there is a reduced likelihood of costly callbacks.

And last, but certainly not least, KleenWrap is recyclable! That's right. Because it is 100% polyethylene, it can be taken up and recycled to protect our environment after it has protected your floors. It's GreenKleenWrap!

We recognized a need in the construction and remodeling industry for a cost effective method of protecting OSB, plywood, concrete and other floor surfaces from the potential damage and certain contamination caused by weather and months of construction activity.

A United States Patent is pending on these materials and methods. Builders and remodelers will use these products because they will save money and their projects will look better than ever. It will reflect their quality and professionalism.

KleenWrap installs quickly.............. protects for months.............. and removes easily!

KLEENDECK, LLC is solely responsible for the development and marketing of KleenWrap Disposable Floor Protection Products.

People want to live and work in cleaner, healthier environments. KleenWrap products are the solution to an obvious problem that has been tolerated long enough. And KleenWrap is available directly from KLEENDECK, LLC while distribution is being established.

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