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Whether you build one custom home at a time, office space, smaller condominium projects, medical or dental facilities, large single family developments, or 500 unit apartment complexes; KleenWrap products can save you money and time.

KleenWrap materials and methods are a cost effective way to protect your investment from the certain contamination caused by weather and months of construction activity.

Consider the many benefits the simple installation of a disposable floor protection product provides. As soon as the deck surface is complete or the concrete is cured, cover the entire surface with a KleenWrap disposable floor protection product. Build exterior and interior walls right on top of the KleenWrap and continue construction right up to the time you are ready to paint or to install finish flooring.

Then run a utility knife along the interior walls, remove the KleenWrap and throw it away or recycle it -- along with months of dirt, paint, drywall compound, spray foam insulation and all foreign matter. Vacuum the decking material or concrete floors and they will be just like the way they were... when you installed or poured them!

  • IMAGINE how simple and inexpensive it will be to clean up the subfloors after months of tracked in mud, spills and construction mess, plus dust and debris is kept out of HVAC ductwork.
  • IMAGINE not having to worry about what the deck material or concrete floors look like in spec projects and avoid unnecessary overlayment expense.
  • IMAGINE not having to incur the expense of installing neutral finish floors in projects just to cover the unsightly mess months of construction leaves behind.
  • IMAGINE never needing to replace new flooring to satisfy a buyer or lessee who wanted a different color or flooring material.
  • IMAGINE not having to worry about future problems caused when the adhesive bond breaks between the finish floors and the filthy concrete or deck underneath.
  • IMAGINE properties with a healthier environment where no dust, dirt and filth have been left under the flooring to potentially cause an allergy problem later on.
  • IMAGINE all of the benefits of building or remodeling with KleenWrap disposable floor protection products, and all for about 20 cents per square foot.

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